Time to make the donut holes!

I recently purchased a Babycakes Multi Treat Maker as a reward to myself for doing really well at my day job. This little baby can make a dozen cake pops (or donut holes or Aebleskiver) OR eight mini cupcakes OR 7 mini donuts! Just swap out the plates and you are in business.

I would like to point out that I am NOT an Amazon affiliate, and I get nothing if you click on the link and buy one. You will get a neat little baking appliance which works reasonably well, and if you are trying to trim the amount of sweets you eat, it’s helpful to be able to make less than a full damn pan at a time.

The little booklet that came with the appliance has some interesting recipes, and they all make far more than I need to have around the house at any given time. Since I’m getting back into doing keto cooking and baking, I thought I would try my hand at making something that I tend to overeat if I have them around – donut holes.

I am particularly fond of spiced donuts, apple cider covered in cinnamon sugar are a sure favorite of mine, and I really love them all covered in a sugary glaze with a cup of hot coffee or tea. So off to the internets I went, and after looking at a bunch of keto donut hole recipes, I settled on this one by Louise Hendon at Keto Summit. I did have to tweak it a tiny bit for it to work in the treat maker, but work it did, and it was indeed a treat!

So without too much further ado, here is my altered version of the recipe to work in the multi treat maker.