Sunday Morning Coffee Musings 3/24/19 – Fails

Health issues – I had some. I’m better now. Winter sucks for me. Moving on.

Recently had an experience that made me rethink my writing a blog, and a cookbook or three. More of a nudge toward doing it, with a strong dose of “You are not an impostor!”

There are things I don’t do well. I lack imagination when it comes to making a salad for lunch. Oh, I have books about salad, even one that will give you 10,000 combinations to make a salad. When it comes right down to it, I prefer to just make a grilled chicken Caesar salad, or an antipasto salad, or a Cobb salad. That’s it. Yes, the lovely salads at Panera make me happy when I get one. Yes, I love the goat cheese and roasted beet salad if it’s made for me. I’m just only slightly more imaginative than my mother, whose go-to salad is iceberg lettuce, shredded carrot, green pepper strips and Italian dressing in a recycled Cool-Whip container.

Up until recently I didn’t grill steaks well. I had relinquished the grill to my husband and allowed him to do all the cooking that required use of said appliance. Which is wrong – why should I deny myself the pleasure of a steak on the grill just because he is not available to do it for me? I turned to my Meat Book (thank you, America’s Test Kitchen) and finally taught myself how to properly grill a steak for medium rare, which is my preferred level of doneness. I like medium-rare because at worst, I’ve misjudged and it’s a little more cooked than I want it, or slightly more rare than I was aiming for. Either way, it’s still edible to me.

I just learned to make scrambled eggs consistently the way I like them, thanks to a gift of Masterclass access and a cooking class from Gordon Ramsay. I also learned how to ask for them when I go out to eat – scrambled eggs, easy. (means they are a little moist and not the rubbery eggy turds my husband likes to eat.)

Meringues are hit or miss. Omelets often end up as glorified scrambled eggs, and I have adopted my ex-husband’s scrambled pancakes a few times after failing to flip a pancake properly.

So, what is the point of this rambling? There are a couple.

  1. I’m not perfect
  2. I don’t need to be perfect – I just need to be willing to learn and get better.

Which is really all any of us needs.

And, just for no context, Miracle Workers on TBS is some funny stuff!