Strawberry Shortcake with cream on top

First, a link to a recipe for an amazing Low-Carb Strawberry Lemon Shortcake.  I just made this for dessert tonight, and neither my husband nor I were disappointed.

Most people who know me will answer if asked, that my favorite dessert of all time is Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting. They would be wrong. It’s my second favorite dessert. My absolute, all-time favorite dessert, the one thing I would be sad if I could never eat it ever again, is Strawberry Shortcake. The shortcakes must be the biscuit style and not the angel-food cake style or chiffon cake style. It must be real whipped cream. And it’s only really good when the strawberries are in season locally here in Massachusetts.

Ok, if you absolutely must, you can use good vanilla ice cream instead of the whipped cream. (or in addition to the whipped cream, who am I to spoil your dream?)

Strawberry shortcake holds fond memories for me. I think it’s my favorite because when I was growing up, we only had strawberries when they were in season. I can remember my mom making this when she was pregnant with one of my siblings, I suspect it was my youngest brother. It was past strawberry season and she used one of those frozen blocks of sliced strawberries in sugar. It wasn’t as good as the fresh, but it was damn tasty and she was happy and shared with me so I was happy, too.

My grandmother liked to make it, too. Going strawberry picking used to be a cheap way to both entertain the grandkids AND get cheap labor to pick the berries. We’d pick flats of them, we’d clean and freeze some whole berries, slice some up and add sugar and freeze those, and then make strawberry shortcakes. Gramma always made big biscuits, since biscuits were cheap, and we would SOAK those babies with the strawberry juice. It was heaven! Add a little ice cream for Granpa, and you’ve got yourself a bowl of yum!

Sadly I have developed the same allergy my mother has for Strawberries. I can eat them in moderation. If I go nuts and eat them too often, my face and eyelids break out in a rash. And Strawberry Shortcake is one of those things that I just have a horrible time with portion control.

I guess there are worse things I could over-indulge in.